Charged by an angry Bull!?!?

For those of you who haven't become acquainted with them, Red Fish are a truly amazing game fish inhabiting the southern portion of the East Coast of the United States. Anglers target them from the Carolinas to Florida and throughout the Gulf states down to Texas. They are a species that thrive in salt water in-shore marshes, "back country" and have a dedicated following of fly rod and gear anglers in the know that passionately pursue them.

Large "Bull" Reds (8 lbs or more) as they are called are especially challenging and hard fighting. In our opinion, a worthy adversary by any standards. See Bulls On Top video below!
A slab of a Red form LouisianaThis Bull Red charged Off the Hook's own Ryan Hawks in a foot and a half of water!

Strangely Red Fish are considered by some to be second class citizens when compared to the in shore "Big Three" of Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit. We have had the opportunity to target Reds in Florida, the Carolina's, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana. We have often asked ourselves this question. Why the second tear billing? Is it the fact that Red Fish often inhabit murky water instead of the romantic gin clear water and white sand flats of the Bahamas, Seychelles or Christmas Island? Is it the fact that these hard fighting marauders are most known to instead haunt the oily waters of a region that for an age has struggled economically and been fraught natural and man-made disasters?

In a time when we have seen a dip in international fly fishing travel and a renewed interest in domestic fly fishing, I would encourage you to not let stereotypes and other’s opinions stymie you in experiencing one of the best game fish of all! Despite whatever you have heard recently about Louisiana specifically, the Red fishing is alive and well!

Here is some fantastic footage from the movie Bulls On Top from Louisiana in 2011. It shows large Bull Drum unloading on top water flies! I don't know about you, however I would much prefer to be charged by one of these beasts than the Bovine version which share the moniker. Check out this amazing clip! If this video doesn't get your heart rate going and convince you to give them a try then you should probably join a country club and taking up golf instead.

So do some research and get down south and run with the bulls! If you have any questions call (877)228-2477. We would be happy to share our experiences.

Tight lines!

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