Fly fishing the Yuba River December 10, 2011

Last weekend I had the pleasure of guiding Rusty and his girlfriend Deserae on the Yuba River. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. You have to love California weather. To be fly fishing with dries in December is a pretty great thing!

Rusty had fished a bit before however Deserae was brand new to the sport. Whether I guide brand new anglers or experienced fly fishers, It is an obvious goal for me for them to achieve success. I want them to have a great experience on my boat, but also have tips and techniques that they can take with them and use next time they are on the water.

These two were a blast to spend time with and instruct. Deserae was a quick study. She did a great job of implementing the techniques that I was trying to teach her. Both Rusty and I were very pleased to see her throwing tight loops and having good presentations. Rusty had some good mojo going on as well.

Blue wing olives were coming off which is typical most days this time of year. We had over a dozen eats on dries on a half day trip! This is challenging fishing, but such a blast!

The Blue Wing Olives will continue to produce and by the first of January we will begin to see the Skwala Stoneflies get active. This leads to some pretty amazing mid winter dry fly fishing!

Thanks for a great trip guys!


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