Tough day on the Yuba

I fished a great couple on the Yuba River this week. We drifted from the Highway 20 Bridge to Sycamore Ranch. The water is low and clear and there were BWO's coming off sporadically. We found quartering casts down stream along the current seams and riffles worked best. You may have noticed that this post is missing pictures?

We hooked 12 to 15 fish all on dry flies which was fantastic! The clients were brand new to fly fishing and learned a lot, but I just wish we would have landed a couple of those bigger fish. We had several that would have gone 20! I know what your thinking..."sure that's just guide talk!" I'm serious. These were legit Rainbows that we saw take the fly, and run with it. Somewhere between "set, set!" and "let him run!" the biggest ones went bye bye. They either snapped us off or found slack and gave us the fin! Fly fishing(especially with dries) is a dance that takes finesse and a little while to get used to sometimes.

Thanks for a good day guys!
Dave Barbieri

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