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I hope you've all seen the film Drift, possibly the best produced fly fishing film I've ever seen. It set the bar way up there and rightfully so. It was produced by Confluence Films who are in part some from Warren Miller Films so you know they have their act together. The follow up was Rise, an equally well done film that left us drooling on our pillow dreaming about all the places we wanted to go angle. Well, the third edition, Connect, is finally here. I have yet to see it but if the trailer is any indication it will be stuck in my DVD player before long. Look at the size of those chompers!

Jim Bob's Professional Boat Wrangling Services

Yeeeehhaaaah! I double dog dare you to purposely crash your boat into an out of control boat doing donuts in the parking lot, saddle up said boat and bring her under control. Ok, don't really do this, you might be declared mentally unstable.

Actually, this is the final qualification test to get your Alaska guides license. Still want to be an Alaskan fishing guide?

Support Your Local Fly Shop

Now that most of us survived or successfully avoided Black Friday, small business Saturday is already upon us. The perfect opportunity to support your favorite small business... your local fly shop.

A piece of advice, don't cast the new Sage ONE rod, you'll end up walking out with it.

What's wrong with this picture?

Not to mention the fact he's wet wading in jeans and probably Tevas and about to take a swim, but I'm pretty sure standing that close to a bull elk in any situation is a bad idea.

Apparently this photo is on the Big Thompson in Colorado. Just a hunch but I'm guessing this guy has never picked up a fly rod or seen an elk before. Yikes!

Christmas Time

We haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet and I'm reading/seeing all sorts of adds for Christmas already. Some of the big box stores are even opening up at 9 or 10pm on Thanksgiving night to get a jump on Black Friday. Wow! You can't even let your employees enjoy a day eating, drinking and watching football with their families?

I for one won't be spending any money on Friday, rather just continuing the trend from the day before. Bring on the expandable pants.

Delta Force

No not the Chuck Norris film, rather my first trip on the Delta for stripers. Yesterday I had the fortune to spend a day on the South Delta with Maury Hatch of Striper Sniper Guide Service.

While I can't say this fishing was all that hot, and apparently hasn't been most of the fall, I did capture maybe 8 or 10 of my first stripers ever. Nothing even remotely large but they're cool little critters.

Lets Not Be Awkward

Hey everybody, I'm Brett Wedeking, a new voice on here so I'll give you a quick introduction.

I'm a Gemini, love flowers and long wal... Oh wait, sorry, nevermind that last part. Keep reading.

I am a native of Seattle, WA and spent the last 11 years working, guiding, fly fishing and traveling for Creekside Angling Company and River Guides LLC, and longer than that chasing steelhead, trout, bass, permit, and anything else that has fins. I've recently relocated to the Bay Area with my fiance and and had to get a job to avoid the whole hobo thing.

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