Fly fishing Chetumal Bay in Belize and Mexico from Mecca mothership

This was an awesome exploratory trip we took to Chetumal Bay in Belize and Mexico. The weather didn't entirely cooperate but that couldn't dampen our spirits or keep us from finding fish. Enjoy and contact us to be invited to join our next trip south of the border.

One-way ticket to Belize please

So my buddy Screamin' Scott went to Placencia, Belize last week for a little vacation with the wife. He fished one day with a guide, his first saltwater day ever.

He ended up with the grand slam photos below, in addition to one more permit and two more tarpon. I've never heard anything like this. Unreal... I told him to buy a lotto ticket.


Feliz año nuevo a mis amigos

Obviously it's now 2012 and everybody is excited for a new year to continue to not accomplish they set out to do the last three years. But, I tell you, it does not have to be that way. At least as far as your angling goes.

It's also winter, and even though my snowboard is sitting, lonely, in my hall closet that won't stop me from getting outside. I'd really rather have a rod in hand anyway so what follows is a list of the places you should consider testing your angling prowess this winter because we fish all year, every year.

Ironically enough, your local travel team at Off the Hook can set you up with any of these trips so if the itch needs scratching pick up the phone (use it to call us though, until they invent retractable claws and handle the cell phone will continue to be a poor backscratching tool).

South Is., New Zealand-Every fly angler owes themselves a trip to Middle Earth at least once. This could be your year.

Turneffe Island, Belize-Some of the highest quality fishing, guides and food you will see anywhere. And it's probably 80 and sunny to boot.

Putah Creek-Three reasons: 1-It's probably in your backyard 2-The water's low and the weather is plenty warm 3-20" rainbows

Andros Is., Bahamas-Because you can go trout fishing in the summer. In a survey March was voted most favorite month among bonefish across the Caribbean.

Lower Sac, Redding-Again, it's probably in your backyard, it fishes all year and it's teeming with fatties. Besides, who wants to fish in 110 degree heat in August anyway. Winter is where it's at.

No excuses, get some!

Belize 2011--Epic

Off The Hook’s summer 2011 trip to Belize aboard the RisingTide had all the elements of an epic—mythical creatures, superstitions, friendship, feasting, tall tales over strong drink, triumphs, tragedies and battling against the odds and the elements.

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