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Ask a Fly-Fishing Instructor VII: The Double Haul

Tis the season for striper fishing here in Northern California. With that in mind this is a helpful video on the double haul which is critical for long casts and covering water necessary to get the big-uns! Check it out.

Blasted wind! What to do when mother nature blows?

It would be an obvious understatement to say that fly casting is an essential component of fly fishing. As we all know there are many ways for a fly cast to go wrong. Often wind is one of the most frequent culprits. From fresh to salt waters fly anglers who have the right tools will be more successful and have a more enjoyable experience. Having a few tricks up your sleeve can mean the difference between success and literally getting blow off the water. This video has some very useful suggestions for counteracting when mother nature blows. I hope you will find the tips and techniques helpful.

Tim Rajeff shares a cool trick cast

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