New Drake Mag

Yo yo, check out the latest issue of The Drake, Spring '12. It just hit your local fly shop this week. Editor Tom Bie and friends put out the best fly fishing magazine in the business. Hands down.

I even have a short piece in this one involving vampires and steelhead.

Keep it real. Go angle.


What's a Steelhead?

Wanna catch a 20lbs steelhead on a fly? Ok, let me clarify. Wanna get your best shot in the lower 48 of hooking a 20lbs steelhead on a fly?

Well, get thee to Forks, home of Twilight, spotted owls, grumpy loggers and jumbo steelhead. It's starting to go off people. I've heard a couple of good reports of early wild chrome up there. Of course, just like the CA North Coast, water conditions are always an issue but you just have to plan a trip and go, conditions be damned. Even if it's rough there's usually somewhere to fish.

My buddy Johhny Steelfish roped this piece of chrome, albeit hatchery, and a few other wild ones last week out there. Beanies and fleece, snow on the ground, everything is damp, you can't seem to ever actually get warm, wearing garlic to ward off vampires, just a typical day fishing in Forks. It sounds bizarre but I miss it.OP SteelOP Steel

If you want to plan a trip for your own piece or two of metal (or twelve, seriously, sometimes it's just silly up there) hit us up. We can put you in the boat with some of the fishiest and friendliest guides up there. Word!

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