Northern California Fly Fishing Report - August 18, 2018

Best Bets: McCloud River, Putah Creek, Upper and Lower Sac - Trout, Lower Yuba River - Trout and Striper, Sierra Foothill Lakes and Clear Lake - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass, Napa River - Striper

Summer isn't even quite over yet but we are already thinking about great Fall fishing. Truth be told there is great fishing going on right now in California for everything from trout and bass to steelhead and striper. Read on for the scoop...

American River Striper - Fair. Steelhead - Poor. Shad - Poor. Flows - 5,500 cfs at Natoma. Water Temps - Mid 50's. Clarity - 12 ft. visibility.

The AR had a great push of shad this year and the fishing was pretty darn good. recently after the shad left striper fishing was really good. Currently the shad are all gone and striper fishing has slowed a bit in correlation. Don't get this wrong fishing is still decent, but it is mostly about trophy hunting. We are getting mostly 3 to 6 lb fish with a few to 10 or 12 lbs but this is not the numbers game that we are finding here earlier or are experiencing now the Western Delta and Napa River. For now you will want to start at first light and things have slowed by noon so we are often off the water by 1:00 on our guide trips.

The trout/steelhead fishing has been pretty slow recently. Given the warm temperatures if you have the ability it may be best to target trout elsewhere in the Sierra where water temps are cooler.

Steehead Nymphs: Birds Nests 10 -14, Copper Johns, Black or Olive Poopahs and Princes 14 -16. Micro Mays 14 to 18, Brown or Black Rubber Legs 6 - 10 and eggs ( Peachy King, Roe and Tangerine)

Striper Flies: Stay Hungry Streamers, Byng's Baitfish, Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt, Toby's Rainbow Clouser 4/0, Toby's A.R. Rainbow 4/0, American River Special 3/0, Clousers - chartreuse/white, gray/white

Give us a ring at (707)287-2939 or (916)722-1055 to give the American a whirl.

Delta Striper - Fair. Largemouth - Good Smallmouth - Fair to Good. Water temp 70 to 72 degrees. Clarity - clear in most areas.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 27, 2018

Summer is here full blast and with it good fishing and the dreaded California fire season. There are some specific areas that are adversely effected but the vast majority of the state is experiencing good fishing right now. Keep reading for the skinny on what is going on.

Best Bets: McCloud River, Putah Creek - Trout, Lower Yuba River - Trout and Striper. American River - Striper, Sierra Foothill Lakes and Clear Lake - Bass. - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report - June 21, 2018

Summer is here in Northern California. Along with it comes warmer weather and great fly fishing opportunities. Time to take advantage of all the variety which the Golden State offers.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report - May 13, 2018

Things are really jumping off right now throughout the Golden State for those of us who love to pursue fish with a fly. A myriad of exciting species are coming into range. Options include shad and striper which are entering the rivers to spawn, trout fishing opening up at the higher elevations and continued success on many central valley rivers. Largemouth and smallmouth fishing is taking off in our beloved Delta and Sierra Foothill Lakes and there are a few more days of swinging for Spring run steelhead to be had. There is something out there for everyone right now. From dries, nymphs and streamers to poppers and swung flies what ever your pleasure it's go time! Don't forget to like and share and email us with your fishing reports and photos for inclusion in the next report.

Bets: Lower Sacramento, Upper Sacramento, McCloud River, Putah Creek - Trout, Yuba River -Shad and Striper, American River - Striper, Sierra foothill Lakes - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass.

American River Striper - Good to Great. Steelhead - Poor. Shad - Fair to Good. Flows - 3,500 cfs at Natomas. Water Temps - Mid 50's Clarity - 5 to 6 ft. visibility.

Flows are back up to 3,500 as of May 10 and should remain around this level throughout the Summer. A few straggler Spring run steelhead and half pounders are around and are being taken on the swing as well as nymphing however our attention is now shifted to two perennial returnees to the American...Striper and Shad.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report - April 27, 2018

Northern California Fly Fishing Report April 27, 2018
Ok, so Spring has officially sprung (for real this time) and there is quite a bit of fishing to be had. Here is the skinny on whats going on here in Northern California.

Best Bets: Lower Sacramento, McCloud River, Putah Creek - Trout, Feather River - Steelhead, Sierra foothill Lakes - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass, Pyramid Lake - Giant Cutthroat

Northern California Fly Fishing Report - November 19, 2017

Best Bets: Lower Sac or Putah – Trout, Delta - Striper, Feather, Klamath or Trinity - Steelhead, and Pyramid Lake - Cutthroat.

American River Steelhead - Poor to Fair Flows – 2,000+ CFS at Natomas. – high 50's to low 60. Water clarity – Good.

Flows are stable again this week at 2,000 and recently the middle river has had good numbers of half pounder steelhead and some larger adults are trickling in. Most adults right now are in the 5 to 7 lb range and should be coming in in better numbers with recent rains.

Give us a call at the shop (916)722-1055 or Off the Hook fly fishing directly at (707)287-2939 to set up a Winter steelhead trip on the American.

Delta Striper - Good Water Temp - 66 deg. Water Clarity – Good.

Captain Bryce put a happy guest on this fish this last week.

Ask a Fly-Fishing Instructor VII: The Double Haul

Tis the season for striper fishing here in Northern California. With that in mind this is a helpful video on the double haul which is critical for long casts and covering water necessary to get the big-uns! Check it out.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report August 20, 2017

Dog days of Summer are here... Best bets - Clearlake - Largemouth, Delta or Oroville - Smallmouth/Largemouth, Lower Sac, Fall River or Hat Creek - Trout, Swinging on the Trinity - Steelhead

American River Striper - Fair. Steelhead - Poor. Shad - Poor Flows – 3,500 CFS at Fair Oaks Temp. – high 50's to low 60. Water clarity – Good.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report June 29, 2017

Best Bets: American - Striper and Shad, Lower Sac and McCloud - trout, Feather - Steelhead, Delta - Smallmouth and Yuba - Shad!

American River Striper– Great, Shad – Good Steelhead – Poor to Fair. Flows – 5,000 CFS at Fair Oaks. Temp. – 57 to 60 Degrees. Water clarity – Very clear

Northern California Fly Fishing Report – April 22, 2017

Best Bets... Delta, Truckee or Pyramid

American – Poor Flows 14,200 cfs Water Temp high 50’s degrees. Water Clarity – Off color

Striper should be showing up in the American soon. We're not exactly sure how all this rain will affect the timing of their migration this season. However judging by how things are really picking up on the Delta, it shouldn't be too long. When they do arrive stripping flies on sinking lines is the name of the game. Traditionally good flies for this time of year will be Byng’s Bait fish in white/chartreuse, Toby’s American River Rainbow Clouser and the Stay Hungry Streamer in gray/white.

We are looking forward to shad fishing this season as well. Stay tuned in late May for things to get going. Shad will take flies that are swung or nymphed.

If you are looking forward to striper or shad fishing on the American and would like some professional help give us a call at (707)287-2939 916)722-8594 at the shop. We have some of the very best most patient and competent guides around. Let us assist you in getting the most out of your time on the water.

Delta Stiper – Good to great! Water Temp high 60-62’s degrees. Water Clarity – Clear in some areas, murky in others.

Photo Credit : Toby Uppinghouse

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