Yuba River pre-Thanksgiving dry fly action.

I had the pleasure of taking Nancy S and her husband fly fishing on the Yuba River just before Thanksgiving. Most anglers have moved on to fishing the Lower Sac or fishing for Steelhead, but I was still glad we were fishing via our private access. The weather was mild and partly cloudy with temps hovering around 60 degrees. There was sporadic insect activity, but this didn't deter us from targeting fish on dries. Overall we had a good day. We hooked and positively identified 15 fish. Not only does fishing dries remove the guess work of indicator nymphing, it also is darn fun! The two of them landed 10 nice fish in the 14 to 16" range all using dries. Takes varied from Hoppers, Caddis and Baetis dries. The largest fish of the day went to Nancy with a nice18" wild Rainbow! It was a beauty and it was great to see the fish sip her offering and the rod come tight and pulsate with life.

It was nice to have the river to ourselves. I am looking forward to the Skwala Stones and March Brown hatches which make for good early spring dry fly fishing. This is of course dependent on river conditions. I am hoping to not have another spring like this last one with floods of Biblical proportions!

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